Meet Torrei Hart
Torrei Hart Speaks

Right from that special moment when I laid my eyes on her, I knew she would be an equally special child. That was why I named her Heaven. Heaven is the Most High of divine places. Therefore, our product, Heavenly Hart Hair Care, is divinely ordained to take its rightful place in that Heavenly Place.

Frankly, my primary focus is not to have Heaven observing her mother doing big things. My most sincere motherly objective is to ensure that she has two great parents that she can look up to. This product is an eloquent celebration of all the values that I hold dear: Strength, Love, Courage, Resilience, Willpower, and above all, Heaven. Anything is possible when you stay focused and stay positive. Yes, indeed, positivity rules the day.

My dream is as simple as it is noble. It is to witness the Heavenly Hart Hair Care by Nzuri Brand transform into, not only an Internationally phenomenal one, but also one of the biggest and greatest products in the hair care industry. I aspire to see Heavenly Hart Hair Care products that are all made with love, and I want every customer who uses this product to feel that love enveloping their beautified heads through these products. Heavenly Hart is more than just a product. It is also my story of motivation for every woman to keep going forward, transcending any and all hardships that life may throw their way, and to ultimately triumph in the great market place of life. 

Torrei Hart