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When I embarked on this journey to embrace my natural hair, a whole other world opened up for me. I was able to realize just how beautiful and amazing it was to just Be natural. Trichologist Leola always reminds everyone that you cannot "Go Natural" you have to just "Be Natural" and I agree with that 100%. Everything just seemed clearer to me. So when I have quality time to do my daughter, Heaven's hair it is the real bonding glue of mother and daughter. The healthy kind of bonding glue. We bond together and hair talk is a little glue that holds us tightly together. Try it ladies. Try some Good Bonding Glue with your daughters during your hair talks. You may be surprised just how much you learn about them and how much they are willing to share with you about what is going on in their young and maturing lives. Heavenly Hart products are designed from the Heart. So from my Hart to your Heart I wish you Peace, Love and Healthy and Happy Hair.